Select Page For more information or how information about products, businesses, usage, actions, events, meetings and other information about Trentino wood contribute. In addition, the storm influenced the value of the forest as an integral part of Trentino`s landscape, history and identity. I allow myself that a cookie can save my data (name, email, website) for the next comment. The site, dedicated to the “Stati Generali della Montagna” project, documents the journey of participation that began with all the actors living in the territory in order to develop a plan of strategic proposals for the development of the mountain. In order to show you the progress of the work and thank you for your contribution, we organize regular excursions with the staff of the State Forestry Office and send you information on activities in the recreational areas concerned by the project. These are just some of the damage caused by the extraordinary wave of bad weather that hit Trentino on the night of October 29, 2018: a few terrible hours during which the strength of the wind was linked to that of the water that uprooted and even burst from the centuries-old trees. The site offers news about the history, characteristics, habits of the bear, wolf and lynx in Trentino. To contribute to the restoration of the forests of Trentino with the Trentino-Tree agreement, there are four tranches of donations – 10 euros, 50 euros, 150 euros or a higher allowance. .

Help us breathe new life into the forest by supporting the Trentino Trentino Tree Agreement project, raising funds to restore forests destroyed by Storm Vaia and forge a new alliance, a lasting pact and for the future with the forests of Trentino. A donation will allow you to contribute to the growth of one or more trees planted in state forests in the designated areas for the project. To learn more about how the project works, click here. The donation allows you to choose from the different amounts that best match your possibilities. The area provides information on the Trentino Protected Areas system (parks, reserves, areas and areas of the Natura 2000 network and reserve networks) covering 30% of the provincial territory. A difficult experience for our territory, whose forest and forest heritage is an integral part of our history and the people who live there. Both the economy and the culture of Trentino are based on experiences and activities related to trees, forests, forests and their management.