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Can also acquire the tools needed to manufacture the product and provide these items directly to the CONTRACTOR. These purchased goods are treated as a tool and are treated in accordance with this agreement. He mainly represents companies active in emerging countries after years of establishing and maintaining a global and professional network. This Agreement is governed by the laws of All disputes under this Agreement will be settled by litigation before the – The dominant party in a court proceeding has the right to recover from the other party its necessary legal costs, expenses and expenses. In addition, it is entitled to obtain, prior to the judgment, a seizure of the assets of the CONTRACTORS company as a guarantee of payment of judgments and costs. This contract is written in the English language and – In the event of a dispute, the original language – of this contract is checked. The failure to provide tools for the above-mentioned agencies is a violation of this agreement. In the case of such an infringement, CONTRACTOR is liable for all actual damages resulting from such a breach, in addition to the aforementioned contractual damages – These damages include, but are not limited to: the cost of transporting replacement tools to a new site, the cost of manufacturing replacement tools and the conversion of the new CONTRACTOR, the lack of gains from the lack of tools. Each tooling item is shown separately on a set of tool data (Figure 1) as well as the agreed costs of the item.

This tool data set applies to existing tools at the time of this contract as well as new tools manufactured or purchased at any time in the future. When a new tool is purchased or delivered, each of these new tool items is entered into the tool`s dataset. All tool objects held by CONTRACTOR are clearly identifiable as belonging to – by a permanent method corresponding to the specific purpose of the tool in a form to be agreed to by the parties. Owns the design and content of the tool and intellectual property in the tooling.